Basic Cupcakes Deco Class- 22May

Class on 22May..attended by Elta,Normaliza,Haslinda and Laila..kelas yg best...meriah gitu..thanks to all for participating in this class..

Normaliza dengan cupcakes nye..



Elta yg sentiasa ceria

Testimony:-'Salam.Thanks for the marvellous experience.My kids love the cupcakes very much.May Allah bless you,your family,your beloved parents ad business'-Normaliza

2 Tier Purple Wedding Cake- Risma/Lily

OK..the grand finale order from Risma and Lily...2 tier purple and white fondant wedding cake..bottom 9" and top 8" moist choc cake..Thank u so much to Risma and Lily for all the orders and for trusting me..Diharap majlis berjalan dengan lancar dan sempurna..kalau ada kekurangan,mohon dimaafkan ye...

Wedding Door Gifts Cupcakes - Risma/Lily

200pcs of cupcakes ordered by Risma and Lily..

Blueberry Cheese Brownies - Risma/Lily

Another order from Lily..also for her anniversary and makan2 with family..blueberry cheese brownies decorated with fondant..I think u can obviously know what are the things seated on the fondant checkerboard except for the thing at the upper right is meant to be a Volkswagen car ok....hehe..

Choc Cheese Brownies - Risma/Lily

Large order from Risma and her family for her sister's wedding in Pekan,Pahang.will upload the items 1 by 1 ya...Happy viewing....
This is choc cheese brownies,ordered by her sister,Lily for her 4th anniversary and also for makan2 with family during the gathering in kampung..thanks Lily..

Happy Birthday Buat Kedua Anakanda Tercinta

Happy Birthday to my beloved boys,Aniq Danial and Amir Danial.Aniq's birthday was on 16April while Amir's was on 23rd May..So,I bake 1 brownies and decorated it with picture of both of them..My 2 knights in shining armour,2 apples of my eyes are now 7 and time flies..and I love both of them more and more each seconds,each minutes,every day,every year,every moment ..on and on till my last breath..Semoga menjadi anak yg soleh,yg bijak,yg sihat,yg menghormati orang tua,yg sayangkan kedua ibu bapa,yg berjaya di dunia dan di akhirat..doa Mama buat kedua orang yg paling Mama sayang..

Amir..posing with the brownies..he had his 1st train ride right after(naik LRT je..)..while Aniq tengah sibuk,no pics of him..hehe..

Islamic Theme Cupcakes - Mirazia

Ordered by Mirazia for her beloved daughter,Zulaikha..2 boxes of 36pcs cupcakes with Islamic theme.Dont know what to draw,I asked for Mirazia's opinion..she suggested few items including the jawi handwriting.With my limited skill..alhamdulillah I completed this last..hehe..To Mira..thanks for the order and thanks too,bagi semangat pada ayah kak zu waktu Mira datang ambil cuppies tu..(she happened to be my sister's good friend in school)..

Choc Cheese Brownies - Anita

Ordered by my ex-student,Anita,for makan2 on her birthday..Happy Birthday Anita..thanks for the order..

Romantic Cuppies - Nurie

Having just 1 brownies is not enough,so, Nurie ordered another 25pcs cupcakes decorated with lots of love symbols for her dearest hubby...Thanks for both orders Nurie..happy to hear that your guests love the brownies and cuppies..


kak aida... terima kasih byk2 pasak kek n cupcake hari tu... best sgt... infact cupcake x cukup tau kak... my husband yg x suka kek tu pun ambil lebih dari satu... brownies tu yg paling suprised. sorang kekwn pun x berani potong gambar my husband... part tu dia kata utk dia sorang je... ingat lain kali nk order just 4 mkn2 with my family... kalau size m, topping with cream and few ganache choc, akak ambil brp ye...
my fren tanya... hari tu x cukup..

Brownies with Love - Nurie

Ordered by Nurie,for her beloved hubby on his 35th birthday..Very romantic couple..she even requested to have the love poem printed on the edible image...emm..a very lucky man...Thanks for the order Nurie..

Basic Cupcakes Deco Class- 15May

Class on 15 May,attended by 3 participants.Fariza(Jaja),Ezarina and Aida.Eventhough,there's only 3 students,gamat gak la kelas ni.All very fast,we completed about 5pm dah abis dah...Thanks to all for participating in this class..

Jaja in action..

Ezarina,trying hard to pipe the grass..

Aida,doing a good job with Elmo's hair.





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