Ramadhan Brownies Orders - Shakira and Dr Ayuti

Ordered by Shakira for makan2 with family..Thanks Shakira..

3pcs Half Recipe Choc Cheese Brownies with Full Choc Ganache

Ordered by Dr Ayuti..konon2 nak bawak balik kampung..but 1 hour after she collected the brownies from my place..dah tinggal setengah katanya...hehe..anyway,thanks Dr Ayuti for the order..

Half Recipe Choc Cheese Brownies with Full Choc Ganache

Her Testimony in FB:-" Kak Zuhaida Ibrahim, sungguh la marvelous, sampai2 terus kenduri, x sampai 5 minit tinggal separuh...budak2 bertambah2...very chocolatey...thanks kak zue..."

Choc Cheese Brownies - Zuraida

Ordered by my dear friend,Zuraida,on behalf of her daughter,Iylia for a farewell party at Iylia's school..Thank u dear...

Choc Cheese Brownies with Full Choc Ganache
Size : 8'x12'

Ramadhan Brownies Order - Murni,Fara and Sara

Repeat order by Munie,for makan2 with family..thanks Munie..
2pcs Half Recipe Choc Cheese Brownies

Ordered by my regular customer,Fara..to be enjoyed with family..Thanks Fara
Half Recipe Choc Cheese Brownies with Full Choc Ganache

New customer,Sara,who is also my friend in FB ordered the brownies for makan2 during majlis berbuka puasa with colleagues..Thanks Sara..
Testimony :-"salam...choc cheese brownies kak zu t'amatlh sdp sume org suka... :)) klu leh
order lg utk raya kak zu bgtau sara eh..hehehe"

Ramadhan Brownies Orders - Sue Helmy,Zana,Azzreene,Cla

Ordered by Sue Helmy,my FbB friend and also baker tersohor around Sri Kembangan area (mamabakers).Thanks Sue.
Half Recipe Choc Cheese Brownies.
Sue's comment in FB,"Statment u kat atas tu buat kte tergelak jer pepagi ni...btw u punyer choc cheese brownies...mmg mabelesss n superb!! :-D Next tyme nk repeat order lg lah...n oso ur
RV sgt sedappp..TQVM."

Repeat order by Zana..she tried out choc cheese brownies the other day and found herself and her family falling so much in love with the brownies,craving for more,she ordered this when I called her to come over and collect the sample of red velvet cake that I wanted her to taste..Thanks Zana
Half Recipe Blueberry Cheese Brownies

The other half of the blueberry cheese brownies was grab my old friend in college, when I advertise the brownies as 'fast sale item' in my FB..thanks to Azzreene and Jaizal..
Half Recipe Blueberry Cheese Brownies

Last minute order order by my neighbour who is also a baker..(Cla's Cuppies).Thanks Cla...hehe
1 Recipe Choc Cheese Brownies

Adam Iman Turns 2 - Zana

Ordered by Zana for her dear son,Adam Iman..Thanks Zana..

Flavour : Moist Choc cake
Weight : 2.2kg
Size : 12"x8"
Topping : Choc Ganache
Deco : Buttercream + Edible Image

Testimony : "salam, akak thanks...MMG terbaik! sedap sgt2 & yg penting anak saya suka =)"

Ramadhan Brownies Order - Badriah,Fara

Ordered by my FB friend,Badriah..Thanks for the order Badriah.
Half Recipe Choc Cheese Brownies with Full Choc Ganache
Testimony :- "Kak, brownies sgt2 sdp. fmly i sume suke. mama kte nnty nk order lg. :)".

Ordered by Fara.A very well known baker in Putrajaya area(mummyzarascottage).Thanks Fara for the order..Segan la pulak bila baker terkenal order ngan kita ni ha..hehe..
Half Recipe Choc Cheese Brownies with Full Choc Ganache

Bon Voyage Cupcakes - Lee Nah

Ordered by my regular customer,Lee Nah for her cousin..She choose a design similar to something I did before for another customer..Thanks for the order Lee Nah.

Flavour : Choc
Size : S
Quantity : 25pcs

Ramadhan Brownies Orders - Risma,Zana & Lily

Ordered by Lily.Thanks Lily
1 recipe Choc Cheese Brownies with Full Choc Ganache
Testimony :- " K.zu..sedap..mendapat pujian daripada keluarga MIL"

Ordered by Zana from Puchong..Thanks Zana
Half Recipe Choc Cheese Brownies
Testimony :- "kak zu..brownies sedap sangat2..kalau mcm ni Secret Recipe pun kalah..anak2 buah saya pun suka..insyaallah nak order lagi"

Ordered by my regular customer,Risma..thanks Risma.
Half Recipe Choc Cheese Brownies with Full Choc Ganache
Testimony : " K.zu,separuh brownies tu,sy yg abiskn...haha..mmg best."

Choc and Blueberry Cheese Brownies - Maimon

Ordered by my regular customer,Maimon for makan2 with family..Thanks Mai for the order..

1 Choc Cheese Brownies
1 Blueberry Cheese Brownies
Size 8"x12"

Photographer Cake - Eeyta

Ordered by Eeyta for someone special..2kg moist choc cake with full fondant deco and a photographer fondant figurine..Thank u so much Eeyta for the order

Fondant Cake
Flavour : Moist Choc cake
Weight : 2kg
Size : 8" round
Topping/Deco : Fondant

Testimony:- "sedappp even fondant cake but still the cake inside mmg moisture...."

Ameerah's & Ainul's Bday Cake - Azizah

Ordered by my regular customer,Azizah,for her dear daughter and niece,Ameerah and Ainul..Thanks Azizah.

Flavour : Moist Choc Cake
Size : 12"x8"
Weight : 2.5kg
Topping : Buttercream
Deco : Buttercream+ Edible Image + Fondant Butterfly

Testimony: "Zue : Kek yg sangat sedap...hubby i yg tak mkn kek coklat akhirnya mengaku sgt suke kek ni..."

Purple Roses Engagement Brownies - Sofeya

Another order from Sofeya,as a hantaran gift on her engagement..Thanks Sofeya for both orders..

Choc Cheese Brownies with Full Choc Ganache
Size : 8" x12"

Testimony: "sedap giler"

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