Barbie Doll,Cartoon Artwork and Choc Ganache Class

Today,i attended another cake decorating class with my sifu,Kak Lea.we covered 3 modules,that are,Barbie Doll Cake,Artwork Cartoon Transfer and also Moist Choc Cake covered with choc ganache and decorated with choc flowers..I am very happy that i now know the right technique of decorating the cakes.It's now a matter of putting all the knowledge into practice and slowly develop the skills.I am so grateful and thankful to Kak Lea for all the skills and knowledge she taught me.her creativity and passion in baking has inspired me in many ways..hope that 1 day i will be as succesful as her..thank you Kak Lea..

Ben 10 Theme Cupcakes

ordered by Syuhaiza from Ampang.25pcs 'S' size Ben 10 cupcakes with choc ganache and Ben 10 edible image..thanks Syuhaiza for the order.hope that Afzhal loves the cupcakes and the Ben 10 design..

Decorated Choc Cheese Brownies-Ultraman

ordered by my ex officemate,Zarina for her son's and nephew's birthday..the brownies will travel all the way to Ipoh for the occasion..timasih Ina..harap semuanya suka ye..

Decorated Choc Cheese Brownies-Prizams

ordered by Hasni..thank u..thank u

decorated choc cheese brownies
size - 12 inch x 8 inch
topping - cheese,ganache
deco- buttercream,edible image

Decorated Choc Cheese Brownies-Hasz Materials

Lagi order dari Hasni for their company's theme building session in Bukit Tinggi..thanks Has..hope u all had a great time...

decorated choc cheese brownies
size - 12 1/2 inch x 8 1/2 inch
topping - cheese,ganache
deco- buttercream,edible image
price - RM87

Hasz Materials and Prizams

36pcs cupcakes ordered by Hasni for her company's team building session in Bukit Tinggi..thank u Has...

36pcs 'S' size in paper liner
flavour - chocolate
topping - buttercream
deco - buttercream,edible image,ganache
price - RM84

Happy Birthday Dearest Hubby

papa,mama,Aniq and Amir...

Amir is posing but at the same time...his finger is digging into the a prove,look at the crumbs at his lips...hehe..

Happy Birthday Mama

ordered by Linda for her mama's birthday..thank you Linda for the smooth order.senang berurusan ngan orang macam Linda...

25pcs 'M' size in paper liner
flavour - vanilla
topping - buttercream
deco - buttercream,fondant,silver dragees,sugar sprinkles

PLKN Theme Cupcakes

1st time ever a customer asked for PLKN theme cupcakes.another order from Hasni.they are for her niece who has just completed her training in PLKN.thank you Has...

Decorated Choc Cheese Brownies- Sya

ordered by my regular customer,Sya..before this,all for makan2..but this one is specially for her engagement.thanks Sya..glad to hear that u are satisfied with the design and the taste of the brownies.. Congratulations..from Kak Zu and Family...

chocolate cheese brownies
topping - choc ganache
deco - buttercream,fondant


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