Mira's Pink and White Birthday Cuppies

Another order from Aziah.this set of cupcakes are for her niece on her birthday..no specific theme..she said just a simple design that suitable for a girl at her age..Thanks Aziah..hope that Mira likes the cupcakes..

Liverpool Theme Cupcakes - Aziah

Ordered by my regular customer,Aziah for her brother in law in Penang.The cuppies will travel all the way up to Cameron Highlands as Aziah will be having a family gathering there and her brother in law will bring the cuppies back to Penang for makan2 with her colleagues at HSBC..the theme is Liverpool FC..thank u so much Aziah for the order..hope that u all had fun at Cameron Highlands..

2 Tier White,Grey and Black Wedding Cake

Order made by my friend Romi on behalf of her friend ,Rafidah whose nephew will be getting married..Romi mentioned to me that she wanted the cake to be in white,grey and black in colour and that she wanted something simple and no flowers as it is for wedding receptions on the groom's side..so I came up with the design based on what she requested..but when they both came to collect the cake,Romi changed her mind to add flowers and butterflies and more deco to the cake..so,here are the snap shots of both design with and without the extra deco..Thanks to Romi and Rafi for the order..



Arsenal Theme Cupcakes - Laila

Repeat order by Laila,this time 25pcs 'S' size choc cupcakes with Arsenal theme..Thank u so much Laila..hope yur brother in law likes the cupcakes and not forgetting,congratulations on your newborn boy...

Turquoise and White Theme Engagement Cupcakes - Roslina

Repeat order by Roslina from Putra Jaya.this time she ordered 25pcs 'M' size choc cupcakes in souffle cups for her cousin's engagement.The theme is turquoise and white and she requested them to be decorated with butterflies and lots of love..made out of fondant of course..Thank you so much Lina for this order..hope that your cousin likes the design and the taste of the cuppies too..

Barney Theme Choc Cheese Brownies

Choc Cheese Brownies decorated with Barney edible image,ordered by hubby's colleague,Zul for her daughter Aliyana Sofea..Thank you Zul..

Christmas Theme Cupcakes - Dr Anna

Another set of 49pcs cupcakes ordered by Dr Anna..thanks once again..

Christmas Theme Cupcakes- Dr Anna

Ordered by my regular customer,Dr Anna from Ara Damansara..she ordered 2 sets of 49pcs cupcakes with Christmas theme as a token of appreciations for all the staff in P1 and P2 at University Hospital where she's working as a pediatrician there..Thank you Dr Anna..hope that your staff like the cuppies..

Wonder Pets Cupcakes

Ordered by my regular customer,Aida..25pcs 'S' size cupcakes with the theme 'Wonder Pets'.thanks Aida for the order..

Chelsea Theme Cupcakes- Nisa

Repeat order by Nisa from USJ 13.
25pcs 'S' size choc cupcakes with Chelsea theme..Thank u so much Nisa..

Star Wars Theme Cupcakes

Ordered by Hazie for her boy Danish.25pcs 'S' size choc cupcakes with the theme 'Star Wars'..Thanks again Hazie..


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