Fondant Hantaran Cupcakes - Fiza/Rina

Ordered by Fiza on behalf of her sister,Rina.
Size : M
Quantity: 16pcs
Topping/Deco : Fondant
Theme: 2D and 3D Hantaran Items

Figurines for my baker friend

Was asked for a favour by my baker friend,Addamira to make these miniature items for her..Alhamdulillah,though was so busy with orders and at that time was already in my 3rd trimester with my 3rd child..I managed to allocate time to make these items..Thanks Zehan...harap2 Zehan dan adik suka lah ye...hehe

Buttercream Hantaran Cupcakes - Ainaa

Ordered by Aina
Size : M
Quantity: 16pcs
Topping/Deco: Buttercream

Real Madrid vs MU Brownies - Dwi

Another order from Dwi
Choc Cheese Brownies with Edible Image

Adam and friends

Choc Cheese Brownies with Full Choc Ganache

Real Madrid v/s MU Cupcakes- Dwi

Ordered by Dwi
Size : S
Quantity: 49pcs
Topping/Deco : Buttercream + Edible Image
Theme: Real Madrid vs MU

Fast Sale - Choc Cheese Brownies and Blueberry Cheese Brownies

Fast Sale!!
Available for pick up now
:-Choc Cheese Brownies with Full Choc Ganache-RM37(np RM42)(sold to Yati,Alin..only 2 left)
-:Blueberry Cheese Brownies RM35(2 left)
-Marble Cheese Brownies - sold to Alin.
Anyone interested,u may call me at 012-2629484
Self Pick up at my house in Puchong

Fast Sale - Marble Cheese Brownies

Fast Sale!RM35
Half recipe Marble Cheese Brownies(only 1 available)
Size :8"x6"
Interested,u may contact me at 012-2629484
Self Collect at my house in Puchong.

Fondant hantaran Cupcakes - Junior

Ordered by Junior
Size : M
Quantity : 16pcs
Topping/Deco: Fondant

Pink Birthday Cake - Siti Aminah

Ordered by Siti..
Size : 7"
Topping: Buttercream
Deco: Buttercream +Edible Image


Ordered by Nor

Ordered by Nurie

Ordered by Farra

Flower Garden Cupcakes - Nurie

Ordered by my regular customer,Nurie
Size : M
Quantity : 16pcs
Topping/Deco: Fondant
Theme: Flower Garden

Door gift Cupcakes - Junior

Doorgift Cupcakes Ordered by Junior 
Size : Chomel Size
Quantity: 450pcs
Topping: Buttercream
Deco: Buttercream+Fondant Aeroplane
Theme: Red and Grey Aeroplane.

Red Velvet Cake - Junior

Red Velvet Cake,Ordered by Junior,for his beloved wife.

Happy Birthday Papa - Nurie

Ordered by Nurie
Size : S
Quantity : 25pcs
Topping/Deco: Buttercream

Mickey and Minnie Mouse Cupcakes - Azmalina

Ordered by Azmalina
Size : M
Quantity : 16pcs
Topping: Choc Ganache
Theme: Mickey and Minnie Mouse

Fondant Birthday Cupcakes - Halida

Ordered by Halida
Size : M
Quantity: 16pcs
Topping/Deco: fondant
Theme;2D and 3D


Blueberry Cheese brownies ordered by Dr Izra

Choc Cheese Brownies with full choc ganache ordered by Adam

Choc Cheese brownies with full choc ganache ordered by Nor.

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