Cuppies Buat Adik Tersayang - Liza/Jiha

Ordered by Liza/Jiha for their sister,Syafiqah..25pcs 'S' size choc cupcakes with edible image and fondant deco..Thanks to Liza/Jiha for the order...and so sorry that the design is kinda simple..but happy to hear that the birthday girl likes the cuppies so much...

Colourful Flower Cuppies Part 2 - Hazi

Another order from my friend, Hazi.25pcs 'S' size choc cupcakes with buttercream deco...Thanks Hazi for both orders..

Colourful Flowers Cuppies Part 1 - Hazi

Ordered by my friend,Hzi,for her daughter..Batrisyia on her 12th birthday..49pcs 'S' size cupcakes with buttercream deco..Thanks for the order Hazi..

Blueberry Cheese Brownies - Risma

Risma,my ex-student order bluberry cheese brownies lagi..hehe..quite a last minute oder,sms me at 6,nak pick up at 9pm.but alhamdulillah,I manage to bake for her...Thanks for the order Risma.semoga yur baby semakin sihat..take care ya..

Pink & White Wedding Cuppies - Lily

Wedding cupcakes ordered by Lily..the theme is actually pink and white but I put a small red flowers there just to enhance the look of the whole set..and the best part,the inital 'S' & 'S' there( Sufian & Siti) was requested by her to follow Siti Nurhaliza's cosmetic's logo SimplySiti...emm..nampak ok tak?ok la tu kan?..Anyway,thanks to Lily for all the orders..

Testimony:- 'Thx kak zue.really love it!Nxt time boleh la order lagi'

Rugby Theme Cupcakes - Lily Fdzleen

Another order from Lily for Aiman..this time,its Rugby theme..Thanks Lily..

Testimony:- 'Thx kak zue.really love it!Nxt time boleh la order lagi'

Chelsea Theme Cupcakes - Lili Fadzleen

Ordered by Lily from Putrajaya.16pcs 'M' size choc cupcakes with Chelsea theme for Aiman who turns 15 today 24April 2010...Lily actually ordered 3 sets of cupcakes which I'll update in separate entry..Thanks Lily for the order..

Testimony:- 'Thx kak zue.really love it!Nxt time boleh la order lagi'

Choc Brownies with Edible Image - Jaja

Another order from Jaja..this is choc brownies with edible image photo as the deco..Thank u so much Jaja for all the orders..Hope u all had a great birthday party..

Twin Blueberry Cheese Brownies- Jaja

Ordered by my ex-student,Jaja from Ara Damansara for her niece birthday celebration..

Cute Cuppies - Muammar

Ordered by a loving husband for his beloved wife..So sweet...this order came from Muammar from Equine Park for his lovely wife.He wanted something similar to the one I did for Ana before this...but just add edible photos of his cute daughter and wife..All together,there are 49pcs 'S' size cuppies with mix cartoon design.Thanks to Muammar for the order..hope that Mrs Muammar likes and enjoy the cute cuppies..

Liverpool Theme Cupcakes - Shera

Ordered by Shera from Puchong Perdana for someone really special..The theme requested is Liverpool and she wanted the same design and arrangement as what I did previously for Anita..Thank u so much Shera for the order..hope Haziq likes the cuppies..

Red & White B'day Cuppies

A last minute order by my ex-student ,Nana,on behalf of her friend..25pcs 'S' size choc cupcakes with red and white theme..Thanks for the order Nana..

LV Handbags & Shoes Theme Cupcakes

Ordered by Leen from UM for her friend.She wanted LV handbags and shoes as the theme for this cupcakes..It took me the whole night and half a day to shape the bags and shoes..Really hope that Leen and the birthday girl,Ryn are happy with the design and the taste of the cuppies..Thanks Leen for choosing Chomel Cupcakes..


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