Wedding Door Gift - Red & White Theme

The other 525pcs cuppies out of 1350pcs ordered by Lina.For this set,the theme color is red & white..500pcs in 'S' size while 25pcs in 'M' size for the VIPs..Thank u soooo much Lina for the order...Just hoping that yur client is satisfied with the design as well as the taste of Chomel Cupcakes's cuppies..

Wedding Door Gift - Purple Theme

Successfully delivered a total of 1350 cupcakes to customer,Haslina from Marriot Hotel I0I..She ordered on behalf of her client.800pcs 'S' size & 25pcs 'M' size cupcakes in Lavender theme color and another 525pcs in Red & White theme color(updated in separate entry)..its my 1st time ever taking such a huge order and I am so grateful and thankful to Allah that I managed to complete the goes to my family especially Mr Hubby.and also my maid and Kak Ros yg banyak membantu..and to Lina,thanks for your trust in me and for giving me this opportunity..

for the VIP

Cute Cuppies - Nonie

Another order from Nonie..but this one was a last minute order,hence I decorated them in a very simple way..Thanks for both orders Nonie...

Internet Icons Cupcakes - Nonie

Ordered by Nonie from Kota Damansara for her dear daughter..25pcs 'M' size cupcakes decorated with Internet Icons edible image.Thanks Nonie for the order..gembira sangat bila tengok yur daughter pun suka the cuppies

Testimony:- '

Terima kasih banyak-2 Kak Zu.. anak nonie suka sangat cupcakes tadi.. memang 'chomel' macam namanya jugak :D time boleh order lagi ;)

June 26 at 12:11am · · · See Wall-to-Wall

Thomas & Friends Cupcakes - Nicole

Ordered by Nicole from Puchong for her dear son,Brandon.36pcs 'S' size cupcakes with Thomas & Friends theme..Thanks Nicole..Hope that Brandon is happy to see Thomas cuppies...

Basic Cupcakes Deco Class - 19th June

Class on 19th June,attended by Atikah,her cousin Erny and my ex-schoolmate in St.Nicholas Convent,Alor Setar.. Anis Suhani.sekarang dah jadik tauke choc..check out her blog..Asmaradana Choco...I always enjoy every class and the same goes to this one especially when I get to meet Anis again after 22 years..hehe..dah tua ye kita2 ni..Hope everyone are happy and enjoy as much as I do..Thanks to all of u..




Large Order From Nurie

Repeat order frm Nurie.This time,quite a large number..1 brownies and 300pcs of 'M' size cupcakes in individual dome shape container..Thank u so much Nurie for the orders and for trusting me.. glad that everyone like the cuppies..

Irfan's Bday Cake - Niza

Ordered by my regular customer,Niza for her dear son,Irfan..1.5kg moist choc cake with Winnie and friends theme.Thanks Niza..happy to hear that everyone like the cake.Alhamdulillah..

Pink & Purple Wedding Cupcakes - Set 2

The 2nd set that I made for the same photoshooting..

Pink & Purple Wedding Cupcakes - Set 1

Made this cuppies for a photoshoot session for a local magazine..Insyaallah will be published in October-Dec issue.Thanks to Anis from Anisecupcakes and Sue from Pumpkinmummy Cupcakes for recommending me..and also a special thanks to Watie the journalist..


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