Basic Cupcakes Deco Class - 21March

Basic Cupcakes Deco Class on 21st March,attended by Maslina,Yusliza and Aisyah..As what they told me,all of them are new to baking and cupcakes decorating..but I re-assure them that everyone start from zero..including myself..and as what my sifu,Kak Lea always said 'when there is a will..there is a way'..and the end of the session,everyone went back with a feeling of satisfaction and a smile on their face as they now are able to bake and decorate their own cupcakes..Thank u so much to Mas,Yus and Aisyah kerana sudi attend this deco class with me..

Mas..tgh pipe star for the piping jelly deco..suddenly Aisyah usik dia 'Eei..Israel'..hehe..terus we all semua tergelak..Gurau aje ye Mas,,jangan marah..

Yus,was looking for the right jelly color to decorate her cupcakes

Aisyah...'peace' Aisyah..jangan tak 'peace'..


Aisyah dengan cupcakes nye..(before the cuppies terbalik in her car on the way back home..)


Mas..tersenyum puas hati at the end of the session..


Wajah ceria Yus with her cuppies..

Basic Cupcakes Deco Class - 20 March

Basic Cupcakes Deco Class on 20th March,attended by Anita,Asmaa,Anis and Dr Izra..Class yg happening dan best...Cepat belajar dia orang semua ni..I showed them once,pas tu terus boleh buat..Syabas to all of you and thanks sudi join my class..Insyaallah kita jumpa lagi in the next place..Insyaallah..

Ita and Asmaa...tengah sibuk tabur the deco sugar sprinkles..

Dr Izra and Anis..A dentist and a Petronas employee,2 professional working ladies yg sangat humble..


Asmaa..tauke Auni Deluxe


Anita,from regular customer now became my student


Anis..comel orangnye..

Dr Izra's

Dr Izra..reluctant to pose for this shot..'segan' katanya..

Princess Theme Cupcakes - Rafidah

Ordered by hubby's cousin,ASP Rafidah for her niece.25pcs 'S' size cupcakes with Princess theme..Thank u so much Pit for the order..hope cuppies sampai di Batu Pahat dengan selamatnya tanpa sebarang kecederaan...

Silver & White Theme Engagement Cuppies - Aimi

Ordered by Aimie from Ampang,for her engagement.Thanks Aimie..Happy that you like the design..

Blueberry Cheese Brownies - Risma

Ordered by my ex-student,my regular customer,my friend and my..macam2 lagi lah.. Risma..for makan2 with family...Risma dah jatuh cinta ngan my brownies and would like to order more and more and more..hehe..Thanks dear..

Testimony:- 'Kak Zu,brownies akak sangat sedap..sangat puas hati..lepas ni nak order lagi tapi tunggu Kak Zu settledown dulu kat umah baru'

Decorated Choc Cheese Brownies - Linda

Another order from Linda...this one is for her sister..Thanks Linda for all the orders..

Blueberry Cheese Brownies - Linda

Another order from Linda..thanks Linda

Twin Choc Cheese Brownies - Linda

Ordered by my niece,Linda,on behalf of her colleagues.She ordered 3 choc cheese brownies,1 blueberry cheese brownies and 1 decorated choc cheese brownies.(some of it I updated in different entry)..Thank u so much Linda for all the orders..

MU,Ben 10 & Graduation Theme Cupcakes - Norizan

Ordered by my ex colleague ,Norizan,for her husband and her sons.25pcs 'S' size choc cupcakes in paper liner with MU,Ben 10 and graduation theme..Thank u so much Norizan..

Testimony:-'Nyum..nyum..,cupcakes yg cantik dipandang dan sedap dimakan..Thanks Zu'

Sweet Pink Cupcakes - Shareena

Ordered by Shareena from USJ 14 for her beloved sister.16pcs 'M' size cupcakes in souffle cups with pink and white theme colour..Thanks for the order Shareena..

Ben 10 Brownies - Kak Shitah

Another order from Kak Shitah.Blueberry Cheese Brownies with Ben 10 edible image as the deco..Thanks Kak Shitah for both orders..

Ben 10 Theme Cupcakes - Kak Shitah

25pcs 'S' size moist choc cuppies,ordered by my regular customer,Kak Shitah for her son's birthday celebration..Thanks Kak Shitah..


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