Red and White Theme Cupcakes - Aziah

Ordered by my regular customer,Aziah,on behalf of her husband for a potluck party with officemate at his office..thanks Aziah..

Barney Theme Cupcakes - Yusliza

Another order from Yusliza..36pcs choc cupcakes with Barney theme for Iman's birthday party..Thanks again Yusliza for both orders..

Testimony :- zu...cupcakes ni bg kat bebudak yg datang...semuanya sayang nak mkn edible image tu...ada yg simpan masuk poket...tapi memang sedap la...pakcik-pakcik yg dtg baca doa pun terpikat ngan kek ni.....berebut......hehehe
....kena order lg ni...

Barney Theme Brownies - Yusliza

Ordered by Yusliza for her daughter Iman Khaalishah..Blueberry cheese brownies with a layer of choc ganache and edible image of Barney..Thank u so much Yusliza for the order..

Testimony ;- zu....ramai yg suka kek barney tu....suka tengok dan suka makan....sedap........

Wedding Cupcakes for Azrah and Jai - Farisya

Another order from Farisya for her cousin,as a hantaran gift..Thank u Sya for both orders..

Liverpool Theme Cupcakes - Farisya

Ordered by my friend Farisya,for her son Danish on his 13th birthday..36pcs 'S' size cupakes with Liverpool theme..thank you so much Sya for the order..hope that Danish is happy with the design and enjoy the rich taste of the choc ganache...Epi birthday Abang Danish from Auntie Zu and family..

Fancy Cookies - Shida

30pcs fancy cookies,ordered by Shida as a hantaran for her relative..thank u so much Shida..

Twin Choc Cheese Brownies - Imee Shahnaz

2 Choc cheese brownies,ordered by my regular customer,Imee Shahnaz.1 as a hantaran for her wedding and the other 1 is just for makan2 with her family..Thank u so much Amy..and congratulations on your wedding..semoga berbahagia selamanya..

Arsenal Theme Cupcakes - Nurul

Ordered by Nurul Izean for her husband to be..(they're getting married in...eemm..I think about 15 days time).sorry Nurul..tak ingat la..update me ya..
25pcs 'S' size choc cupcakes with Arsenal theme.thanks for the order Nurul..hope he likes his birthday cuppies..

Branded handbags and Shoes Theme Cupcakes

Ordered by my regular customer,Laila on behalf of her brother.The handbags and shoes are actually for his girlfriend, Sally.Thank u so much Laila for the sorry for the slight delay..was not feeling well,movement pun jadik slow jer..But anyway,hope that Sally likes her birhday cuppies decorated with 'expensive' fondant handbags and shoes..

3 in 1 Celebrations Cupcakes

Another order from Risma,for her another boss,Mr Lee.She requested to have 3 celebrations designed together on the cuppies.Its Valentine's day,Chinese New Year and birthday..Hope that Mr Lee is happy with his cuppies and to Risma,thank u so much for both orders.

MU Theme Cupcakes - Risma

Ordered by Risma for her boss,Puan Anita who is a great fan of MU team..25pcs 'S' size cupcakes with MU logos and jerseys.Thank u so much Risma for the order..hope she likes it and pls send my regards to her ya..

Basic Cupcakes Deco Class 20Feb

Basic cupcakes deco class on 20th Feb,attended by 3 participants as 1 did't turn up.I had Nazli also known as Lily,Risma and Suwaibah.We had a big laugh when suddenly we got to know that Lily and my hubby used to be colleagues before.And from there onwards(since there's no need for ice breaking session),we laugh all the way and had fun learning and coaching..hope that all the knowledge,tips and technique will benefit all of u in many of luck to u all..

Risma in action

Lily tengah kusyuk mendeco..

Sue..pemalu orangnya..





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