Blue & White Engagement Cake - Maimon

Ordered by Maimon,specially for her dear brother, Nizam.It is as a hantaran gift to his fiance.1.7kg moist choc cake covered and deco with fondant and the theme colors are blue and white.Thank u so much to Maimon for the order..happy to know that his fiance and family love the cake..

Testimony:-thanks i got call from my brother (yg engaged yesterday)saying that her fiance & family love the cake very much...soft and yummy!! errmm should order for myself also ni...i want try your brownies,tempted betul nengoknya...

Black,White & Green Engagement Cupcakes - Nurul Nadia

Ordered by Nadia for her engagement.36pcs S size cupcakes decorated with fondant and buttercream.She requested to have a similar design like the one I did before for Suraya..only to change the theme colors..Thank u so much Nadia..hope the cuppies survived the journey to Malacca..

Testimony :- 'Salam kak,terimakasih banyak untuk cupcakes tu ye,ramai orang memuji cupcakes tu cantik'

Nana & Ejol Engagement Cuppies

Another order from Nana..a very special one..for someone very special..on her special day..hehe..berapa banyak special daa..
16pcs M size cupcakes for her engagement with Ejol..
Thank u so much for all the orders Nana..and congratulations on your engagement...and also a thank u wish to my regular customer,Ana for introducing Nana to Chomel na na na na....hehe

Mix Cartoon Cupcakes - Nana

Another order from Nana..this set of cuppies are for her nieces and nephews..Thanks Nana..

Testimony:- "thanx k.zue kek tu...sedap...berebut2 anak buah nana....huhuh..nnti ade rezeki leh order lagi ye...yg brownies tu lagi sedap..terbaik dari ladang....huhuhu...mmg sedap.."

Choc Cheese Brownies - Nana

Ordered by Nana for makan2 with family when they had a family gathering during her engagement..Thanks Nana..

Testimony:- 'thanx k.zue kek tu...sedap...berebut2 anak buah nana....huhuh..nnti ade rezeki leh order lagi ye...yg brownies tu lagi sedap..terbaik dari ladang....huhuhu...mmg sedap..'

Me - Thanks to u too Nana..and syukur alhamdulillah semua suka..

Snow White Cake - Helen

Ordered by Helen from KL for her dear niece on her 4th birthday..She requested to have a Snow White doll cake since Ying loves Snow White very much.I had to cut the doll's hair short and painted it black as the original hair color was blonde..I just hope that I did make Ying happy and thank you very much to Helen for the order..

Handbags and Shoes Cupcakes - JR Sayco

Ordered by JR for his niece,Juliah on her 13th birthday.16pcs M size choc cupcakes decorated with fondant handbags and shoes..Thanks for the order JR...hope that Juliah loves her birthday cuppies..

Chelsea Cake - Marina

Ordered by Marina for her dearest hubby.1.7kg moist choc cake with Chelsea edible image and buttercream for the deco.Thanks Marina..

Testimony:- 'salam cik zu,
thanks ek, cake smlm sedap n cantik...hubby suka :)'

Spain Theme Brownies - Fiza

Ordered by my regular customer,Fiza.Choc cheese brownies with Spain edible image as the deco..Thanks Fiza.

Blueberry Cheese Brownies - Lily

Ordered by my ex-student,Lily yg dah 8 months pregnant..mengidam nak makan brownies pulak,,hehe..Thanks Lily..

Camera and Sports Car Cupcakes - Isyqi

Repeat order by Isyqi for her uncle on his 53rd birthday.16pcs M size choc cupcakes with camera and sports cars theme as the deco.Thank u so much to Isyqi for the order.Happy to hear that they love the cupcakes..

Gambar birthday boy.Courtesy of Isyqi..from her Facebook

Testimony:- 'We love ur cuppies.My aunt pon suka . :)'

Silver & Blue Theme Cupcakes - Ayu

Ordered by Ayu for her dear sister..She wanted a similar design to the one I did before for another customer.Only that the theme color she choose are silver and blue..Thanks for the order Ayu..hope your sister likes her engagement cuppies.


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