MU Theme Cupcakes- Colliene

Ordered by Colliene and friends as a surprise gift for their boss on his birthday.25pcs 'M' size choc cuppies with MU theme..thank you so much Colliene..

Selamat Hari Raya

Dari kami sekeluarga,diucapkan Selamat Hari Raya kepada semua pengunjung blog,kawan2,sanak saudara dan pelanggan Chomel Cupcakes.Segala sokongan dan doa anda semua amatlah dihargai..Dimohon kemaafan atas segala dosa,terkasar bahasa..biarpun nampak atau tersembunyi dari pandangan mata.yg sedar ataupun tidak.. Semoga kita berjaya dalam semua usaha kita dan direstui Allah SWT..Amin

Raya Cuppies 3

All these 3 sets of cuppies were ordered by my regular customer,May who is from Ampang.I've closed all orders about 1 week before Hari Raya,but May insisted on having my cuppies as a 'Hari Raya' gifts for her malay friends..just tak sampai hati to say no to her,i baked all the cuppies and she came and collected them at my place 1 day before Raya..thanks for the order May..hope yur friends like the cuppies..

Raya Cuppies 2

Raya Cuppies 1

Carrot Walnut Cakes for Makan2

i made 2 sets of carrot walnut cakes and blueberry cheese brownies for makan2.i brought back 1 set for my parents in Butterworth and the other set are for my parents in law in Keramat.Managed to capture only pics of the carrot walnut cakes as i completed everything at almost 5am pagi raya and was rushing to catch just a short nap....ngantuknya ya Rabbi on raya day..hehe....

Sexy Cuppies

These sexy cuppies ordered by Eazy for her friend's bachelor party..she e-mailed me the sample design(i think they are from Pretty Frosting) and wanted me to follow exactly..i tried my best but pls dont compare my work with someone very talented like 'Pretty Frosting' as i still have a long way to go and a lot to learn before i could become as good as they are..insyaallah satu hari nanti...Anyway,i received feedback from Eazy through sms that all her friends were delighted with the taste and the design of the cuppies..Same here...Thank you so much Eazy..

Luverpool FC Theme Cuppies - Leshewin

Ordered by Malar from Brickfields.36pcs 'S' size choc cuppies for her nephew,Leshewin who turns 12 on 12Sept.Thank you so much Malar.glad to hear that everyone enjoyed the cuppies.

Golf Theme Cuppies for Abah - Linda

Ordered by Linda and her siblings as a gift for her dad on his birthday..since daddy is a golfer,Linda wanted 16pcs of 'L' size choc cuppies with golf theme as the deco..and I came up with this.really hope that Linda and family are happy and enjoy the design and also the taste of the cuppies.


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