Assalamualaikum and Good Morning peeps..
kalau ada sesiapa lagi nak join class di Chomel Cupcakes,boleh hubungi saya at 012-2629484..
So far,
8 July - FULL.(Banana Cake Class and Brownies Class with Yat Omar)
12 July - FULL (Brownies Class with Sara Fadilah and Sara Atiqah)
16 July - FULL (Brownies Class with Risma Idris dan Cik Ris Idris)
19 July - need 1 more student(Brownies Class with Dr Izra)
Pick a date ,and contact me to double check.The rest of the date are still available except for every Sunday and Monday and also the dates mentioned above.
My location is in Puchong.
Class duration will be about 4 and a half hours (10am to 2.30pm)
Max numbers of students per session will be only 2 person.


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