Cuppies for Berbuka Puasa

Ordered by Nadia from KL.25pcs 'S' size vanilla cuppies for berbuka puasa with friends and family..thank you so much Nadia coz sudi repeat order ngan Kak Zu..hope that you'll like and enjoy the cuppies..

MU Theme Cupcakes - Ika

ordered by Ika from Setiawangsa.25pcs 'S' size vanilla cupcakes for her nephew on his birthday..Thanks a lot ya Ika..hope your nephew likes the MU theme cuppies..

Graduation Theme Cupcakes

Ordered by Renita from KL for her cousin who has just graduated as a Medical Doctor..Congratulations dear...and to Renita,thanks for placing order with Chomel Cupcakes...(she is such a nice person and not a fussy customer at all..."anything also can lah..use buttercream or fondant pun boleh for the graduation cap and stethoscope")hehe..and the best thing is..she was so happy with my work that she even paid me extra...hehe..tq tq so much Renita..

Happy Birthday Ayah

ordered by Lina from USJ 14,Subang Jaya..she requested golf theme cuppies to celebrate her hubby's birhday...thanks so much Lina..happy to hear that everyone enjoyed the choc cuppies..hope to see you again in future ya...thanks...

MU Theme Cupcakes - Nadia

Ordered by Nadia,a Bio Tech student from Monash University,25pcs "S' size,choc cupcakes with MU theme for her boyfriend on his birthday...1st time meeting Nadia,deep in my heart ,i whisper silently,"Comel budak ni..".Can't stop myself from admiring her beautiful flawless complexion..hehe..memang cantik.but she isn't just beautiful..this is beauty with brain tau...I have another customer by the name of Nadia too and she is also a very sweet looking girl..i guess,orang yg nama Nadia ni,mesti cantik2 semua kot....hehe..Anyway Nadia,thanks for placing order with Kak Zu..happy to hear that u both enjoyed the cuppies...and to the other Nadia,see u this saturday ya..for yur cuppies collection...cheers to both Nadias..

Red,Red Roses

Ordered by Eliza from USJ18,Subang Jaya.36pcs 'S' size vanilla cupcakes.she wanted the cuppies to be decorated with only red colour roses..big,medium,small,rose buds..and i came up with these..thanks Eliza for placing orders for the 3rd time and the other 2 upcoming orders for the 4th and 9th Sept..

Mama Vogue

ordered by Iqa as a birthday gift for her auntie.she wants something that define her auntie who is working as a lecturer.and even the title of this post 'mama vogue' was chosen by her...the denture was one of the cutest idea given by her..thank you so much Iqa..

Happy Belated Birthday Boss

ordered by Ana for her boss on her birthday.25pcs 'M' size choc cupcakes in souffle cups .due to the last minute order,i am only able to make a simple design for this order.hope that Ana,her colleague and her boss like the cuppies..


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