Selamat Bertunang Sham & Ida

ordered by my friend, Sab..the cuppies are for her brother engagement's ceremony at her kampung in Melaka...timasih Sab...sorry lambat update description entry ni...

Baby Dania's Blue Theme Cupcakes

Hannah Montana Theme Cupcakes

Mdm Jit frm Bandar Kinrara ordered these 3 sets of cupcakes for her nephew's and niece's birthday.Hannah Montana,Ben 10 and also the all time favourite,Sesame Street.Thank you so much for the order.sorry for the delay in updating all the pictures here..hope that the birhtday boy and girl would love the cupcakes..

25pcs 'S' size choc cupcakes with buttercream,choc ganache and edible image deco.

Ben10 Theme Cupcakes

ordered by Mdm Jit.25pcs 'S' size choc chip cupcakes with buttercream,choc ganache and edible image deco.

Sesame Street Cupcakes

ordered by Madam Jit of Bandar Kinrara.16pcs 'S' size vanilla cupcakes with Sesame Street theme..

Transformers-Revenge of The Fallen

ordered by Leena for her son Nharen on his 5th birthday.she wants Transformers theme cupcakes since Nharen loves Transformers so much.actually there was a lot of other Transformer's characters that's in her list but after considering that there will be 36 cuppies and she wanted a large edible image,so,the list was narrowed down to only 6 characters..all are my favourite heroes fact i was there on the first day Transformers 2 was launched...all i can say is that,it was a super great movie..Leena sms me the next day saying that Nharen is so happy the moment he saw the cupcakes..ooh..i'm relief and happy too at the same time..thanks to you Leena,for ordering from me..

Optimus Prime,Ironhide,Megatron,Blackout,Fallen and Demolisher...and Rachet and Bumble Bee(the smaller edible image)..

Optimus favourite hero...

Red & White Birthday Cuppies

ordered by Farah, a young beatiful lecturer from....emm..lupa lak nak tanya..sorry aa Farah...Anyway,Farah ordered 25pcs 'S' size choc cupcakes nd awanted them to be in red,black and white in colour..thanks for the order ye Farah...

Arsenal Theme Cupcakes

ordered by Aida of Pandan Perdana.25pcs 'S' size choc cupcakes decorated with buttercream,fondant and edible image..Thank you so much Aida for the order

Decorated Choc Cheese Brownies

this choc cheese brownies,ordered by Halida for mother's day,father's day and also 2 person's birthday..emm..banyaknya..for last minute order,this one pecah record.Halida called me at 10.30am to order and wanted to collect the brownies at 12.30 that afternoon..adus..sakit kepala den..but alhamdulillah..i managed somehow..
thanks ye Halida for the order,tapi kalau boleh..jangan buat last minute lagi ye..

Vanilla Cupcakes Decorated with Strawberries on Choc Ganache

another order from Nor,yesterday's order was for her boyfriend,this one is also for a special man in her life..that's her dad..16pcs 'L' size vanilla cupcakes with choc ganache and decorated with strawberries..i used chocolate couverture 70% cocoa for this ganache and it taste superb..i can guarantee that whoever that try this bitter sweet choc will fall in love with it...just like Nor..hehe..thanks Nor for the order..

Ships Theme Cupcakes

ordered by my Facebook friend,Nazlin.the cuppies are for father's day celebration cum family gathering at The Summit,USJ.49pcs 'S' size vanilla cuppies with the theme-Ships..Nazlin later sms me saying that they are very pleased with the design and enjoyed the taste of the cupcakes so Nazlin,thank you for the order..and yur trust in me for this special occasion of yurs..

Panda Theme Cupcakes

ordered by Nor for her boyfriend,Kamarul..who is my brother in kiraNor ni bakal adik ipar la...insyaallah..16pcs 'L' size vanilla cupcakes with the theme-Panda and Love..therefor,there's a lot pandas and a lot of love here...wishing Kamarul..many happy returns and cepat-cepatkan lah...jgn tunggu lama-lama...hehe..jgn Nor..thanks for the order..

My Secret Garden

another order from Shanta.25pcs 'S' size vanilla cupcakes for her aunt who will be celebrating her 70th birthday..again,thank you so much Shanta for yur endless support into my cupcakes business.


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