Happy Halloween

Another order from my friend,Romi..this time,she wanted Halloween theme cuppies for her daughter's kindy teachers and friends..haha..anybody dare to eat these??thanks Romi..

Dibo the Gift Dragon

Another order from Laila..1.5kg moist choc cake size 8" with Dibo the gift dragon edible image..hope that Yana loves both Dibo cake and Barney cupcakes..to Laila..thank you so much for the orders..

Barney Theme Cupcakes

Ordered by Laila for her daughter,Yana..25pcs 'S' size choc cuppies with Barney theme..Thanks for the order Laila..

Choc Brownies-Zety

Repeat order by Zety for makan2 with family and relatives in conjunction with her hubby's cousin 44th birthday..plain brownies with a spread of choc ganache as the topping and a very sinple deco..thanks Zety..hope you all enjoy the brownies...

Carrot Walnut Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting-Kak Shitah

Another order from Kak Shitah...25pcs 'S' size carrot walnut cupcakes..thanks dear..

Blueberry Cheese Brownies- Kak Shitah

Kak Shitah order lagi..blueberry cheese brownies for makan2 during majlis aqiqah held at one of her relative's house..thank u Kak Shitah..

Cuppies for makan-makan

Repeat order by my friend Sebtuiah..for makan2 with family in Kuching..30pcs 'M' size choc cuppies in souffle cups..20 were packed in individual dome shape containers while the rest were packed in a box..thanks Sab..hopefully cuppies sampai dengan selamatnya tanpa apa2 injury...

Carrot Walnut Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting

Repeat order by my friend Romi.25pcs + 16pcs carrrot walnut cuppies ..Thanks Romi...

Dora The Explorer - Umi Salwa

Choc Cheese Brownies with Dora the Explorer Theme,ordered by Umi Salwa for her daughter Nafeesa..I was so happy to see a contented expression on Nafeesa's face the moment she saw her birthday brownies..being a big fan of Dora,she is very,very happy..Thanks to Umi for trusting me on this special occasion of yours.Thanks again for leaving a positive comment at my shoutbox,glad to hear that everyone enjoyed the taste of the brownies..and to Nafeesa..Epi Birthday dear....


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