Princess Theme Brownies - Suraya Zalna

Another order from Suraya,my regular customer dari Subang dulu sampai lah la ni dok Puchong..Alhamdulillah..blueberry cheese brownies decorated with princess edible image design and edited by Suraya herself..Thanks Suraya..

Mix Theme Cupcakes - Yatie

Order dari jauh nun di Butterworth..Yatie ordered 1 choc cheese brownies and 25pcs cupcakes for her son on his birthday..she is my regular customer who used to order when she was here in KL..but has to be transfered teaching in another school there in Buterworth..Thanks for both orders Yatie..sorry la lamba upload gambaq...cheq sibuk nor...

Choc Cheese Brownies - Rina

Rina,a friend of my customer Aisyah,who came to collect Aisyah's brownies..she said 'cannot tahan' and need to order 1 for herself..Thanks to Aisyah and Rina for the order..

Twin Choc Cheese Brownies - Jaja

Peminat setia brownies ku,Jaja..ordered 2 choc cheese brownies for makan2 with family..Thanks Jaja..

Brownies order for Aidilfitri 2010

This is actually a pending entry from the last hari raya order..should have upload it long time ago,but I have been busy with all sorts of activity ever since my bibik left us..I got up extra early today(at 2am..huhu)..and manage to update my FB,my blog,reply emails,clean the house..dont know how many more hours I can last(time check- 06:25am)..but by now,I'm already struggling hard to keep my eyes open though I've had 3 cups of expresso....hehe..will keep on going for at least another 2 of luck to u Zu...

Made the brownies from the finest Australian butter and cream cheese,Tatura brand..this time,for the large number of orders,I bought in carton and it has taken a big space in my fridge..

My new oven in action..not a famous brand though..but can fit in 3 brownies tray at 1 bake.
my little boy getting himself busy and messy with the cocoa powder..

Freshly baked brownies..

Ready for collection

Chelsea Theme Cupcakes - Azie

Another order from my regular customer,Azie..for both of her son..25pcs 'S size cupcakes with Chelsea theme..Thanks Azie...

Transport Theme Cupcakes - Eunice

Repeat order by Eunice for her dear son ,Ryan who turns 3 last Sept..her theme is 'transport'and she gave a sample cupcakes pic done by 1 of the baker out there......I tried my very best for her within the short time given and so happy that Eunice and Ryan just love the cuppies..thanks for the order Eunice..

Testimony:-'The cupcakes are lovely,I love them,i'm sure my son will love too.Tq for yur commitment in making yur customers feel welcome.Ur not proud altho, famous already.will continue to support u'

Me:-thanks for the wonderful comment Eunice..feel so touched reading yur sms..glad that both u and Ryan are happy with my work..Thanks for yur support..

Superman Brownies - Azie

Ordered by my regular customer,Azie..specially for both of her son..choc cheese brownies with Superman edible image edited with photos of Aqeem and Ameer..thanks Azie..

Colourful Cupcakes - Dazila

Ordered by Nurul Dazila or Intan..for her birthday celebrations..36pcs S size cupcakes with cute2 and colourful theme..Thanks Dazzy..

Cute Cupcakes - Sheeda

Another order from Sheeda..1 set of 25pcs S size cupcakes with the design requested by Sheeda taken from my previous orders ..Thanks for both orders Sheeda..

Choc Cheese Brownies - Sheeda

Ordered by Sheeda from Shah Alam..for makan2 with family..Thank u Sheeda..

Choc Cheese Brownies - Fara

Ordered by Fara for makan2 kat umah and kat opis..Thanks Fara..

Testimony:-"Hi Kak Zue,brownies kak zue buat memang superb la,sedap glew!hehe..tadi Fara bawak gi opis,berebut2 kawan makan...sibuk tanya beli kat mana.I think I know y yur brownies so yummy..bcoz u baked with yur heart..N ikhlas..Tq kak zue"

Me:-"Thanks Fara..terharu sangat baca komen Fara..alhamdulillah that Fara and friends like my brownies..sangat2 bersyukur.."

Barbie & Princess Cupcakes - Nur Afni

Ordered by Nur Afni.25pcs M size cupcakes with princess and Barbie edible images as the deco..Thanks Afni..

Blueberry Cheese Brownies - Rudaini

Ordered by my hubby's colleague,Rudaini..for makan2 with family..Thanks Rudaini..

Choc Cheese Brownies - Nuruliza

Repeat order by Nuruliza..choc cheese brownies for makan2 with family..

Choc Cheese Brownies - Renit

Choc Cheese Brownies covered with luxurious spread of choc ganache and decorated with buttercream flowers,ordered by my regular customer,Renitha..for her dear friend SHAM...thanks Renit..

Bon Voyage Syaz - Puan Asiah

16pcs M size cupcakes with edible image deco,another order made by Puan bid farewell to her daughter,Syaz who is going to pursue her study in veterinary science in Canada..All the best to u dear..Thanks to Puan Aisah for all the orders..

Blueberry Cheese Brownies - Puan Asiah

Another order from Puan Asiah..sorry for the delay to update this entry in my,no maid now,so,have to do everything all by myself..huhu...Anyway,thanks for the order Puan Asiah..(1 more order from her in the next update..check it out..)


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