ordered by Junior from Nilai for his nephews.36pcs 'S' size strawberry cuppies with buttercream.really thought that i spell the name correctly but oo oo...i made a mistake here.it should read as 'Daniel,Subash and Ferdinand'..i wrote in my book as 'Ferdidant' when i received the order as i was pretty sure that i heard Junior spelled it to me as 'Ferdidant'.something wrong with my hearing?should visit the ENT clinic one of these days.hehe..my hubby also did ask me 'are u sure its 'Ferdidant'?and i confidently said 'YES'..sooo sorry ye Junior and Ferdinant...won't make the same mistake again next time..hehe..is there any next time/order Junior??..


ordered by my regular customer Hasni for her clients in Kuantan.the other day,she ordered 30pcs of carrot walnut cupcakes and she said that berebut-rebut diaorang nak rasa.so,this time,for a change,she'll present them with choc cupcakes pulak..hope that diaorang berebut-rebut for these one jugak..thank you so much Hasni for the order.drive safely to Kuantan and back..


It was my beloved son's birthday on 16 of April and we just arrived from Alor Setar the night before that.Eventhough I was still very exhausted due to the long journey and handling my 10moths old boy who just wouldn't sit still in the car,I gather my strength to bake at least few cuppies for Aniq.but Alhamdulillah,manage to prepare 49pcs of choc cupcakes for Aniq's birthday celebration in his kindergarten the next day.I am satisfied eventhough I feel that the deco was too simple and i did everything in a very rushing manner as it was already 6am when i finally completed everything.by then,my maid has already wake up to start her day and was surprise to see me still awake looking like Panda...Anyway,'Happy Birthday' anakanda tercinta,Aniq Danial.semoga dipanjangkan umur,dimurahkan rezeki dan menjadi anak yang soleh..Amin..


Noorain placed this order at a last minute after we delivered the majlis aqiqah's cupcakes to her.but,thinking that i was quite free that night before we chow to Alor Setar the next day,i accepted her order.just simple deco for the 25pcs 'S' size choc cupcakes.hope that Prof Azemi likes the cupcakes.and to Noorain,thank you for ordering from me.


and this are 50pcs of choc cupcakes with buttercream and fondant deco for the majlis aqiqah.thank you so much Noorain for the order.


my friend Noorain ordered 100pcs of cupcakes for majlis aqiqah.so,here they are,50pcs of vanilla cupcakes with buttercream frosting.


25pcs 'S' size chocolate cupcakes,ordered by Eija for her friend Maie.she told me that Maie really loves cameras and flat shoes.therefor,i made this cupcakes with cameras,flat shoes and flip flops using fondant.hope that she loves them..and to Eija,thank you for ordering from Kak Zu ye...

hubby was there to offer a helping hands,and he made this one while i made the other fondant camera..

received an email from Eija saying that the birthday girl was thrilled with the deco and she sent me few pics captured by the professional photographer cum birthday girl..pics below are from her lens..


another fan of Sesame Street.ordered by Renee for her son's birthday...oopps..one of the Elmo is without lips..anybody notice that?so sorry Renee...anyway,hope that birthday boy luvs the cuppies...


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