Fancy Cookies - Ita

50pcs fancy cookies for wedding ordered by Ita from Shah Alam.she wanted 2 designs,heart shape and flower..Thank u ita for the order..Glad to hear that they like the cookies..

Testimony:-'Ramai yang puji cantik dan sedap'

Blueberry Cheese Brownies-Azie

Ordered by my regular customer Azie,just for makan2 with family..Thank you Azie..Do enjoy it ya..Cheers..

Golf Theme Cupackes - Suzira

Ordered by Suzira from Shah Alam.25pcs 'M' size choc cupcakes with 'Golf' theme for someone special..Thank you so much Suzira and hope that you both had a great time celebrating his birthday..

Mixed Cartoons Cupcakes - Ellma

50pcs of 'M' size choc cupcakes in souffle cups decorated with mixed cartoons edible image and buttercream,ordered by Ellma from Kepong for her daughter's majlis cukur jambul.Thanks Ellma for the order.Hope that your guests like and enjoy the cuppies..

Happy Birthday To My Dear Wife

Ordered by a loving husband to his beloved wife.Amir from USJ 3 ordered16pcs choc cuppies decorated with edible image of his childre's photos ..Thank u so much to Amir for the order..hope that your wife and children like the cuppies..

Bob The Builder Theme Cake - Zuraidah

Another order from Zuraidah.1.5kg moist choc cake size 9" for her son Haris who just turned 1 today..Hope that Haris loves his Bob The Builder cake..and to Zuraidah,thank you very much for both orders..

Testimony:-Zu,thanks a lot ya.Cake sedap,licin.Cookies pun cantik.I dah recommend u kat other friends - Zuraidah

Fancy Cookies - Zuraidah

Ordered by Zuraidah for Haris's 1st birthday celebration..40pcs of fancy cookies with Haris's cute photo on it..Thank you so much Zuraidah for the order..

Blueberry Cheese Brownies - Wan

Repeat order by Wan Zuhaida from Shah Alam..a blueberry cheese brownies for makan2 with her family on her birthday..Thanks Wan..and Happy Birthday too..semoga panjang umur dan dimurahkan rezeki selalu..

Testimony:- Hmmm..mmg sedap la brownies nie. Len kali leh order lagi!

Blueberry Cheese Brownies - Aida

Ordered by my friend,Aida for makan2 with family in Seremban..Thanks Aida..

Happy Birthday Sayang

Decorated choc cheese brownies,ordered by Azrol for his beloved wife,Ana.Ana is my regular customer and has been ordering many many cakes and brownies from me..and now,its her husband's turn to order a surprise birthday 'cake' for sweet of him..'Happy Birthday Ana'..and to Azrol..thank u for the order..

Urawa Theme Cupcakes - Malina

Ordered by Malina for a re-union with friends from UNITEN..25pcs choc cupcakes with Urawa Red Diamonds theme and 18 individual names on jersey..Thank u so much Malina for the order..hope u all had a great re-union party..

Decorated Choc Cheese Brownies

Choc cheese brownies with a layer of choc ganache decorated with buttercream and fondant flowers..


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