Ducati Theme Cake - Iqa

Final order from Iqa..for her dear brother,Nazry.1.5kg moist choc cake covered in buttercream and decorated with Ducati pic using edible image..Thank u so much to Iqa for all the orders..happy to know that Iqa and family love my creations..Hope all of u had a great birthday 'kenduri'celebrated at the orphanage house..

Testimony:- 'Thanks kak for the gorgeous cakes..my mom excited sangat tengok cakes..love the CRV and Ducati!Cun - ted!tq muchos again:-)'

MU Theme Brownies - Iqa

Another choc cheese brownies ordered by Iqa for her brother Syakirin..decorated with MU logo using edible image,grass made of buttercream and few plastic players and goal post..Thanks again Iqa..

CRV Theme Brownies - Iqa

Ordered by Iqa for her mum..she wants a pic of CRV car for the decoration of the brownies..Thanks Iqa...

Happy Birthday Honey - Fizawati

16pcs M size cupcakes ,ordered by Fiza for her dear husband on his birthday..Theme color is pink and green..and the design..kata Fiza 'apa2 aje yg nice..up to Kak Zu punye creativity..hehe..I came up with this..and hope that Fiza loves it..Thanks for the order Fiza..

Testimony:- 'Kak Zu,thank u ye..cantik sgt'

Colourful Cupcakes - Amalina

Repeat order from Amalina for her beloved daughter,Nur Qaireen...special request from her is to have the cuppies decorated with piping jelly alphabets..I came up with this..just hoping that Amalina is happy and satisfied with the design..Thanks to Amalina and her husband Muammar for the order..

Blueberry Cheese Tart for makan2

Made these blueberry cheese tart for makan2 with family at home..Bought the ready made shells and I make the cheese filling..Emm..dah lama tak makan cheese tart coz malas nak buat the tart shells..so this time,I finished up most of it..hehe..Just for your viewing pleasure..not for sale ya..hehe..enjoyyyy...

Sponge Bob & Love Theme Cupcakes-Joe Syahmi

ordered by Joe Syahmi for his loved one..49pcs S' size choc cupcakes with Sponge Bob drawings and edible images and also love..love..love..for someone really special to Joe..Thanks for the order Joe..

For Shera with Love - Haziq

Ordered by Haziq for his dear Shera..celebrating their 3 years anniversary together..emm..so sweet of him...Choc cheese brownies with choc ganache,decorated with fondant bear and gummy bears..coz Shera loves gummy bears so much...Thanks Haziq..

Blueberry Cheese Brownies - Maimon

Repeat order by Maimon,blueberry cheese brownies for makan2 with family..Thanks Maimon..

Handbags and Shoes Cupcakes - Masri

Ordered by Masri,for his loved one..16pcs M size choc cupcakes decorated with handbags and shoes made of fondant and gumpaste..Thank u so much Masri for the order..

Blueberry Cheese Brownies - Azizah

Another order from Azizah..Blueberry cheese brownies for makan2 with family..Thanks Azizah for both orders..

Barbie Theme Cupcakes - Azizah

Ordered by Azizah,for her beloved daughter,Nur Ameerah who turns 4..
25pcs S sie choc cupcakes with Barbie theme..Thanks Azizah..hope that Ameerah likes her birthday cupcakes..

Blueberry Cheese Brownies - Illy

Blueberry Cheese Brownies,ordered by my regular customer,Illy,as a gift for her friend..Thanks Illy..

Choc Cheese Brownies - Eeja

Another order by Eeja for her dear daughter Inani on her 6th birthday..Thanks Eeja for both orders..

Princess Inani is 6

Ordered by my regular customer,Eeja,for her dear daughter,Inani yg sangat comel..Choc Cheese Brownies with Princess theme edible image..Thanks Eeja..harap Inani suka ye..


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