'The Cars' Cupcakes - Irene

Another order from Irene..previously,Irene has ordered 1 set of 'The Cars' theme cupcakes for Cayden's birthday party held at his school.and these 2 sets of the same theme are for Cayden's birthday celebration at their residence..Thanks Irene..

Size : M
Quantity : 25pcs x 2 sets
Cups : Souffle Cups
Topping : Fondant + Edible Image+Buttercream

Pink & Creme Engagement Cupcakes - Amir

Ordered by Amir and Scta,as a 'hantaran cupcakes' on their engagement day..Thanks to both of you for the order..
Size : M
Quantity : 16pcs
Cups : Souffle Cups
Topping : Fondant+Buttercream
Theme : Pnk & Creme

Choc Cheese Brownies - Adieraa

Ordered by my regular customer, Adieraa,for makan2 on her sis's and dad's birthday celebration..Thanks Adieraa..

Blueberry Cheese Brownies - Mira

Ordered by Mira for makan2 with family..Thanks Mira..

2 sets of Sesame Street and Thomas Cuppies - Ms Lim

New customer,Ms Lim introduced to Chomel Cupcakes by my customer Siew Ling,ordered this 2 sets of mix Sesame Street theme and Thomas the Engine theme of cuppies for her dear son Matthew on his birthday..Thanks Ms Lim..

Size : M
Quantity : 36pcs x 2 sets
Cups : Souffle Cups
Topping : Fondant + Edible Image+Buttercream

Cars Theme Cupcakes - Irene

Repeat ordered by Irene from KL for her dear son,Cayden on his 5th birthday..Thanks Irene..

Size : M
Quantity : 36pcs
Cups : Souffle Cups
Topping : Fondant + Edible Image+Buttercream

Sesame Street Cuppies - Moly

Ordered by Moly as a gift to her parents in Johor..Thanks Moly..

Size : M
Quantity : 16pcs
Cups : Souffle Cups
Topping : Buttercream + Fondant

Blueberry Cheese Brownies - Marina

Repeat order by Marina,blueberry cheese brownies for makan2 with family..Thanks Marina..

Choc Cheese Brownies - Khadijah

Ordered by Khadijah for makan2 on her daughter's birthday party...Thanks Khadijah..

Choc Cheese Brownies
Size : 8" x 12"

Little Einstein Cupcakes - Sa

Ordered by Sa for her dear son,Rizq who turns 1 last Oct..thanks for the order Sa..sorry lambat upload gambar kat blog...huhu...

Size : S
Quantity : 49pcs
Cups : Paper Liner
Topping : Buttercream + Edible Image + Piping Jelly

Testimony:-'Kak Zu..thanks for the beautiful and delicious cupcakes'

MU v/s Liverpool - Inoy

Repeat order by my cousin,Inoy..this time 2 football teams on 1 set of cupcakes..MU v/s Liverpool..thanks Inoy..

Price and Menu

Price and Menu

Flavour for cupcakes
  • Moist Choc Cupcakes
  • Vanilla Butter Cupcakes
  • Red Velvet Cupcakes(with swirl cream cheese deco only)
Topping for cupcakes
  • Buttercream
  • Choc Ganache
  • Fondant

Cupcakes Sizes and Prices
'S' size in souffle cups (5cm diameter/2.7cm height)
  • 25pcs for RM50
  • 36pcs for RM72
  • 49pcs for RM98
'M' size in souffle cups (5.5cm diameter/3.5cm height)
  • 16pcs for RM50
  • 25pcs for RM70
  • 36pcs for RM100
(Prices are for simple buttercream deco only)
Add prices for fondant/sugar paste/piping jelly and drawings
Add RM10  to RM15 for ganache topping (half set or 1 set of cupcakes)
Add RM1.25 for each piece edible iimage size S
Add RM1.50 for each piece edible image size M
Add 30cents for individual dome shape container

Wedding/Engagement/Hantaran Cupcakes
16pcs 'M' size + Window White Box
  • Buttercream Deco - starting from RM55
  • Fondant Deco - starting from RM110

Transparents square box - add RM10
2D & 3D fondant cupcakes
16pcs 'M' size - starting from RM150 (depends on design)

Flavour and prices for cakes
  • moist choc cake - RM55 per kg
  • vanilla butter cake - RM55 per kg
  • Red Velvet Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting - RM67 per kg
Add RM15 for choc ganache
Add RM20 for edible image

Wedding/Engagement/Hantaran Cake
  • Buttercream Deco
8" cake - RM120
9" cake - RM150
  • Fondant Deco
1 tier - 8" starting from RM200
1 tier - 9" starting from RM250
2 tiers - starting from RM400

  • Buttercream Deco - RM150
  • Fondant Deco - RM200

BROWNIES (size 8"x12")
  • Plain Choc Brownies -RM55
  • Blueberry Cheese Brownies - RM65
  • Chocolate Cheese Brownies - RM65

Add RM15 for full choc ganache
Add RM2 for buttercream wordings
Add RM5 for simple buttercream deco
Add RM20 for A4 size edible image

Colourful Cuppies - Adieraa

Repeat order by Adieraa..25pcs cuppies with choc ganache to be enjoyed with colleagues at the office..Thanks Adieraa..

Size : S
Quantity : 25pcs
Cups : Paper Liner
Topping : Buttercream + Choc Ganache

Princess Cake - Laila

Another Princess cake ordered by Laila for her daughter,Yana...Thanks Laila for all the orders..hope Yana had a great birthday bash..

Moist Choc Cake
Size : 7 inch
Weight : 1kg
Topping : Buttercream & Edible Image

Dora Cake - Laila

Another order from Laila..Dora cake for her daughter,Yana..Thanks Laila

Moist Choc Cake
Weight : 1kg
Topping : Buttercream & Edible Image + Fondant Flowers

Princess Cake for Yana - Laila

Another order from Laila..Princess cake for her daughter,Yana..thanks Laila..

Moist Choc Cake
Weight : 1.7kg
Topping : Buttercream,Edible Image and Fondant Sunflowers

Barney Cupcakes - Laila

Ordered by my regular customer ,Laila..few cakes and 1 set of cupcakes for her dear daughter,Yana..thanks Laila..

Size : S
Quantity : 25pcs
Cups : Paper Liner
Topping : Buttercream + Edible Image

Kawasaki Brownies - Sheda

Repeat order by Sheda..a choc cheese brownies with Kawasaki bike edible image decorated on the brownies for someone very special to her ..Thanks Sheda..

Choc Cheese Brownies - Dazzy

Repeat order by Dazzy,this time choc cheese brownies for makan2 with family..Thanks Dazzy


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