Royal Wedding Hantaran Cake - Cik Yati

Alhamdulillah..being given a chance to make another cake for the royal couple..this time for their wedding.The groom is the younger brother to HRH Tuanku Nur Zahirah,permaisuri of Trengganu.I am so delighted and grateful...a big Thank You  to Cik Yati,PA to Her Royal Highness for the opportunity given to me to be involved again in this special ceremony.

Adi Zafran's 1st Birthday - Zuraida

Cupcakes and Cake.Ordered by my best friend ,Zuraida for her baby boy,Zafran who turns 1..

"Happy Birthday Boss " cake - Sara Atiqah

Ordered by my regular customer,Sara..for her boss.

Cake Size : 8"
Topping: Hard Choc Ganache
Deco: Fondant

STI Birthday Cake - Sara Fadilah

Ordered by my regular customer,Sarah Fadilah...for her beloved hubby..

Cake Size : 8" round
Topping/Deco: Fondant

Roses Birthday Cake - Rema

Ordered by Rema,for her beloved daughter,Reshmy.

Pocoyo Cupcakes - Wanie and Datin Sue.

Ordered by my regular customer Wanie and her mom ,Datin Sue.
Size:Chomel Size
Topping/Deco: Butterrcream +Edible Image
Theme: Pocoyo and Friends.


 Choc Cheese Brownies with Full Choc Ganache Ordered by Yati.

 Choc Cheese Brownies with Full Choc Ganache Ordered by Dr,Rini.

Choc Cheese Brownies with Full Choc Ganache Ordered by Fifa.

Timasih pada semua yg sudi order...XOXO..

Ruffle Wedding Cake -Yati

Ruffle wedding cake,ordered by Yati..for her friend..
Size : 7"
Topping/Deco: Fondant

Golf Cake - Rahimah

Ordered by Rahimah,for her Boss...
Design was given to me by Rahimah..copied from original design by Kak Ina from / to kak Ina and thank u so much to Rahimah for the endless order from her and her company..

Camera Theme Cupcakes - Puteri Rania

Ordered by Puteri Rania as a "hantaran gift"..
Size: M size
Quantity: 9pcs
Topping/Deco: Fondant
Decorated cake board and hantaran box.


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